How do I contact the No Bad Days Foundation?
Address: 1990 W. New Haven Ave., Suite 201, Melbourne, FL 32904
Phone: 321 255-2351
Fax: 321 255-2332
E-Mail: info@nobaddaysfoundation.com
How can I request assistance from the No Bad Days Foundation?
Please visit: https://nobaddaysfoundation.com/medical-necessity-request-form/, complete the Medical Necessity Request form and return it along with the requested documents to info@nobaddaysfoundation.com.
How do I donate to the No Bad Days Foundation?
You can donate by going to: https://nobaddaysfoundation.com/donations-purchases/ and selecting “Donate to NBD”.
Are there any sponsorship opportunities for the No Bad Days Foundation?
You can view our sponsorship opportunities at: https://nobaddaysfoundation.com/event-sponsorship-opportunities/. To make a sponsorship payment, you can mail a check to 1990 W. New Haven Ave., Suite 201, Melbourne, FL 32904, or visit https://nobaddaysfoundation.com/donations-purchases/ and select “Donate to NBD”.
Do you have any social media pages?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nobaddaysfoundation/?ref=bookmarks
Instagram: @nobaddaysfoundation
How does the No Bad Days Foundation Inc. raise money?
The No Bad Days Foundation Inc. holds an annual kickball tournament and family fun day to raise money to be used to purchase medical devices and equipment for children.
When and where is the kickball tournament held?
Our kickball tournament is held in early February every year at the Viera Baseball Fields.
Can I enter a team into the kickball tournament?
Yes, you can go to: https://nobaddaysfoundation.com/donations-purchases/ and select “Team Entry Donations”.
Does the No Bad Days Foundation provide kickballs?
Yes, our kickballs were donated by Academy Sports + Outdoors at our first kickball tournament.
Do I need to bring money to the kickball tournament?
If you’d like to purchase food, drinks, or raffle tickets, yes. We have water, juice boxes, and beer, food from Charlie & Jakes Beachside, and raffle tickets for sale for a wide variety of gift baskets and a 50/50 raffle. We can also accept credit card payment if you forget to bring cash. Please remember, our kickball tournament is a fundraiser to raise money and help children in our community who need medical devices that insurance will not cover the cost of.
Is there an entry fee to attend the event?
No. If you would like to come out to enjoy all of the family friendly events or watch the kickball tournament, there is no charge.
Are rules provided to the teams?
Yes, when team payment is received, the rules are emailed to the team’s contact person to be distributed to the team members along with a waiver to be completed and returned prior to the day of the event.
How can vendors sign up to be a part of our kickball tournament and family fun day?
Send an email to: info@nobaddaysfoundation.com and one of our members will respond to you promptly.