Giving Back

No Bad Days raises funds to help families procure medical equipment and devices that provide a better quality of life for children with disabilities. No Bad Days is a 501(c)(3) and 100% of all monies collected from donations goes directly to the children. There are no administrative expenses or costly overhead.

December 2018

No Bad Days Giving Back

The No Bad Days Foundation is honored to have been able to provide Samantha and the Palanzi family with an iPad which includes the apps she needs to help communicate with her family.


In 2017, The No Bad Days Foundation provided John Woodson with mobile arm supports.


Chance Hoesay received a track system at his home in order to aid with mobility around the house.


Curren Ramsey received a safety bed, He has low muscle tone and decreased muscle strength, and is dependent for self-care activities. Medical insurance denied coverage for a safety bed, and No Bad Days along with a donation from the Cove Merchants Association have provided Curren with a specialty bed to keep him safe and comfortable at night.


“On August 31, 2016, two members of the Widerman Malek team, Mark Warzecha (partner) and Daniel Davidson, on behalf of the firm’s not-for-profit, No Bad Days Foundation, visited Ability Plus Therapy to present Liam two therapy items that will hopefully bring some relief to him and his mom.

Liam, who is autistic and suffers from congenital pulmonary valve stenosis, tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmia, received a weighted compression vest and an air “wiggle” cushion. Although it does not seem like much, these two items can help make his daily life less of a struggle. The vest which is adorned with one of his favorite animals helps him feel secure and comfortable in his environment. Before the vest, Liam was unable to control himself and would run into walls and other objects, hurting himself and sometimes others. Similarly, the air cushion is used to avert him from kicking while he eats or interacts with others.

It was a sincere pleasure to meet Liam and the No Bad Foundation is pleased it was able to lend a hand. Here are some pictures of Liam in action with his new vest and cushion!”